Why You Should Consider a Career in the Warehouse Industry
08 / 05 / 21

Whether you are looking to make a career switch, looking for your first job, or even part time work, you should consider the warehouse industry! It’s a booming industry with a variety of positions available. Continue reading to find out more about this field. 

Right now the warehouse industry is booming, with lots of entry level positions. Working in a warehouse is a great way to get your foot in the door, provides variety and many have opportunities for growth and advancement throughout the company. 

Unlike other industries that were forced to shut down over the pandemic, the warehousing industry grew. Here in the Carolina’s, the industry continues to grow, creating new jobs everyday to keep up with high demand.Continued growth means continued hiring needs, and some great opportunities for you. This also means chances for overtime and job security. 

Should You Consider a Career in the Warehousing Industry? We Think So!

Warehouse work is perfect for recent graduates or people looking to expand their skill set. Many entry level roles do not require any previous experience, rather hiring managers look for “soft skills” such as communication, ability to work in teams, and reliability.  They know that they may be able to train you on hard skills necessary to do the job, but they cannot teach things like loyalty and work ethic.

Working in a warehouse setting offers opportunities to expand your abilities. Many managers will train in a variety of desirable skills such as forklift or machine operation. This will not only allow you to develop yourself, but also the chance to apply for more specialized positions. 

Oftentimes that first job will lead to a career in the warehouse industry. This is due to the fact that promotion within the company is popular. Managers would rather give a higher role to someone who is already familiar with their environment and how they function rather than someone they have to train from scratch. Prove yourself by being a valuable member of the team, showing up on time, and always giving your best and you are sure to be promoted in this industry. 

You’ll never get bored with a career in the warehouse industry because no two warehouse environments are the same. They can vary based on who owns the company, the size and what products it stores. The great thing about working with a staffing agency, such as Performance Staffing Solutions, is that if one warehouse environment is not for you, maybe the next one will be, and we have access to multiple warehouse positions across the Carolina’s. 

Want to give the warehouse industry a try? Performance Staffing Solutions has a variety of positions available right now. It’s easy to get started, either fill out an application online or visit one of our office locations.

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