Many employers are looking for reliable employees to work long shifts to better support industry production schedules. Read more about why you should consider working 12-hour shifts.

1. Less Commuting Time

You’ll work more hours in fewer shifts. Save time and money by commuting less.

2. More Days Off

You’ll have the opportunity for full time hours while working as few as 2 days every other week.

3. Better Pay

Longer shifts often mean higher hourly payrates. Overtime opportunities are also common for job offering long shifts.

4. Consistency

When choosing to work 12-hour shifts, often it means agreeing with your employer to have consistent and predictable shifts.

5. Potential For More Flexible Schedules

Working 12-hour shifts means you’ll have the opportunity to work nontraditional schedules that may work better for you. For example, working only Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Options like this allow for you to spend more time with your family or to work another job with ease.

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