Whether you're new to the workforce or you're looking to change jobs, it's intimidating to apply without much experience. Continue reading to learn some skills that are sure to make you stand out to employers. Ready to apply now? Get hired.

Teamwork Skills

Most jobs you’ll apply for will require you work as part of a team. It's important to be a good teammate when you’re all working towards a common goal. If you can’t work together as a group, you’ll never get things completed. Learn how to function with a team, it’ll be an asset. Make sure it’s clear on your resume that you have the skills and willingness that it takes to be a good team player.

Time Management Skills

Everything you do as an worker is going to have a time limit or a deadline. To keep customers happy things have to be done on time.  You need to have great time managment skills to do any job well. Learn how to complete tasks quickly, efficiently, without sacrificing quality. You’ll be expected to be able to prioritize, decided what order to do things in based on importance, and to communicate to your supervisors how long tasks may take you to do.

Listening Skills

Any job you apply for will appreciate you being a good listener. Not only do you need to know how to take directions, but you’ll need to be willing to ask questions if you ever don’t understand the directions. Your supervisor will instruct on what needs to be done each day, you’ll need to be able to complete the tasks after being told only once. Companies like hiring people who can listen, gain it as a skill and they’ll be impressed.

Be a Great Problem-Solver

There are many times at any job when things won’t go exactly as planned. When you encounter a problem, if your first instinct is to find a solution employers will be thrilled. Being a good problem solver doesn’t necessarily mean having extra skills on how to do the job, it means you’re not afraid to give suggestions on how to get back on track. Problems on a jobsite can set a project back by day, weeks, or even months, so there are no bad ideas, don’t be afraid to share them.

Be On Time

Employers are eager to have punctual workers on their team, a great way to show them that you are reliable is to be on time. Get off to a good start by arriving to your interview 5-10 minutes early.

Ready to apply? Get hired.