It can be intimidating to look for a job when you don’t have a lot of experience. If you want to get hired fast and start working full time as soon as possible you may think that your only options are to it to work in fast food, a grocery store, or maybe a big parcel service. However, there are a lot more opportunities out there. While companies usually look for candidates who have some related experience, most care about the type of person they are hiring more. If you have a good attitude, are a team player, a hard worker, punctual, and willing to learn you’re already a strong candidate to most employers in the manufacturing and warehouse industries.

Entry-level positions in these industries typically pay thriving wages compared fast food and grocery stores, and most exclusively offer full-time positions, consistent hours, opportunities for overtime, and paid time off. They also provide the opportunity to grow in that field to help you gain experience that can potentially lead to a better opportunity.

The minimum technical requirements that you must meet to secure these opportunities is usually just a hire school diploma or GED. Companies that are willing to hire candidates with no experience focus the most on inherent qualities of a candidate and on skills acquired outside of work. For example, some people are good with their hands, others are more creative. Think about how your skills from a hobby or pass time can apply to a job and how it can help you in your career.

You can begin building your status as a great worker with stable work history, good attendance, and by going above and beyond expectations.

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