Flexible Work Options That Fit Your Needs

Since 2007, Performance Staffing Solutions has been a dependable source of job placement throughout the Carolinas. Local professionals trust us to provide them with flexible positions that help them meet their career goals, including work opportunities available on a temporary, temporary-to-hire, project, and direct-hire basis.

There are a number of reasons why job seekers choose to work with Performance Staffing Solutions. Customization is at the top of the list; different applicants have different needs and goals, and we can provide work opportunities that are just right for you. We also strive to find the best role for your skills and personality, taking into account not just the job description but also the company culture, mission, and values. And Performance Staffing Solutions provides exposure to an incomparable range of positions. We make it easy for job seekers to get in front of hiring managers and other decision-makers, which can be much more productive than simply churning out resumes and hoping one lands on the right desk at the right moment.

As you consider the next step in your career, take a moment to reflect on some of the work assignment options we provide. We are pleased to offer flexible placements with great companies in the Carolinas.

Temporary Job Assignments

A lot of companies need people to fill positions on a seasonal or temporary basis. This might involve filling in for a receptionist while they are on summer vacation. It might mean short-term employment to assist with a really big and time-sensitive project. Or it might mean providing support during a peak season. The benefit we offer to the job seeker is an opportunity to work on a short-term basis, which is exactly what many employees are looking for. Gain some experience, earn steady income, or get a feel for a new position, without any long-term obligation. Ask us more about temp job opportunities.

Temp-to-Hire Job Assignments

Another option we offer to job seekers is to work on a “temp-to-hire" basis, which is a short-term assignment with the potential to turn into full-time employment. Essentially, job seekers work 520 hours on a temp basis, after which they may be moved to the company’s payroll. This is a great opportunity for employees to get their foot in the door and ultimately transition into employed status. We offer temp-to-hire job opportunities at companies throughout the Carolinas, spanning a wide range of industries. These opportunities can provide a good way to test out a new role or field, and potentially earn the chance to make it permanent if that’s what you want to do.

Long-Term Temporary Job Assignments

Just because a work assignment is “temporary,” that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be short-term. Sometimes, a temporary assignment can last for many months or even for several years. This is especially true when job seekers are hired to assist with a major project or initiative. This can offer a sense of stability to the job seeker, while still allowing for a little flexibility. We are pleased to provide long-term work assignments with companies in Charlotte, NC, Gastonia, NC, Rock Hill, SC, and throughout the Carolinas. Reach out to us to learn more about what a long-term temporary assignment might look like.

Direct Hire Placements

Some of our job seekers desire to skip past temporary assignments and go directly onto a company’s payroll, becoming “permanent” employees from day one. That’s something Performance Staffing Solutions can accommodate. What’s more, our direct hire replacements make it easy to go directly in front of an employer and interview, without the need to send out resumes or make time-consuming follow-up calls. Allow us to consider your skills and credentials, and recommend you to a company that’s looking for someone of your caliber. Choose our direct hiring option for a simple and straightforward way to find a great, potentially long-term position.

Buzz – Flexible Work

Here at Performance Staffing Solutions, flexibility is one of our core values. We like to provide nimble and adaptable solutions for everyone, including job seekers and employers alike. That’s why we’ve introduced Buzz flexible work, an innovative new approach to staffing. This is for job seekers who want to work according to their availability, and don’t care if it’s always for the same employer. You can set your hours and the kind of jobs you’re interested in doing, and we’ll connect you on a day-by-day basis with local employers. We believe this approach delivers a great solution for all parties, and we’re happy to provide it.

Find the Work Assignment That’s Right for You

What kind of work assignment are you looking for? Do you want the chance to tackle a big project or a seasonal demand? Are you seeking direct placement on a company’s payroll? No matter what you’re looking for, Performance Staffing Solutions can provide you with flexible options. We are pleased to present a range of work assignment options for our job seekers. The first step toward placement is filling out an application, which will get you into our database and let a recruiter know you’re ready to go. Fill out our quick application to get started working with Performance Staffing Solutions.