Since 2007, Performance Staffing Solutions has worked closely with employers and job seekers in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. We know that local employers need workers who are reliable, efficient, and safety focused. Meanwhile, job seekers want a space where they can put their talents and knowledge to good use and add real bottom-line value to a team or an organization. Our role is to provide staffing and recruitment solutions in this field, and also to help job seekers connect with meaningful opportunities.

Take a minute to learn more about our work in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, in the Charlotte metro area and beyond.

Industrial & Manufacturing Positions

Performance Staffing Solutions has experience connecting industrial and manufacturing professionals to promising career opportunities. Some examples of the industrial and manufacturing positions we can fill include:

  • Assembly worker
  • Maintenance technician
  • Production assistant
  • Production worker
  • Project manager
  • Bakery associate
  • Cherry picker
  • CNC machinist
  • Electrical engineer
  • Equipment operator
  • Inspector
  • General laborer
  • Machine operator
  • Manufacturing worker
  • Manufacturing engineer
  • Material handler
  • Process engineer
  • Sewer
  • Sorter
  • Warehouse associate
  • Warehouse worker
  • Welder

If you’re looking for work in the industrial or manufacturing world, apply with Performance Staffing Solutions today.

Hiring in the Industrial & Manufacturing Industry?

We’ve accrued a lot of experience working with manufacturing companies in Charlotte, NC, Gastonia, NC, Rock Hill, SC, and throughout the Carolinas. In working with these companies, we’ve developed an intimate understanding of what they’re looking for in their new hires—dependability, commitment to quality and accuracy, devotion to safety standards, and more.

And yet, we also know that manufacturing companies aren’t merely looking for people with the right technical skills. They also need employees who will fit with their culture and values. And they need workforce elasticity that allows them to maintain peak efficiency. Performance Staffing Solutions can help you achieve these goals and more.

Performance Staffing Solutions’ Work in Industrial & Manufacturing Settings

Performance Staffing Solutions has been around since 2007, and in that time, we’ve cultivated long-lasting relationships with some of the most accomplished companies in the Carolinas. We’re committed to a friendly and relational focus, and it’s an honor that so many employers choose to work with us time and time again.

Here are some additional reasons to consider us for all your staffing and recruitment needs:

  • We have done extensive work in industrial and manufacturing settings and understand the particular challenges and opportunities that this field brings.
  • We know that not all companies are created equal, and we’re diligent in providing custom solutions for each client.
  • We have the relational feel of a small agency, but the broad technological capabilities of a nationwide staffing firm.
  • We can provide employers with a lot of flexibility, including elastic workforces to meet seasonal peaks or to help with major projects.

Performance Staffing Solutions helps companies and job seekers alike, and we are proud of our track record working in industrial and manufacturing spaces throughout the Carolinas.

Learn More About Our Work in Industrial & Manufacturing Settings

Manufacturing companies depend on employees who are committed to efficiency, safety, and quality. They need the right technical competencies, as well as the appropriate cultural fit. Meanwhile, job seekers with industrial backgrounds crave the opportunity to drive value for an organization. Performance Staffing Solutions is here to deliver opportunities to employers and job seekers alike, through our highly regarded services in staffing and recruitment. Ready to find out more about our work in industrial and manufacturing centers? Contact our Performance Staffing Solutions offices in Charlotte, NC, Gastonia, NC, or Rock Hill, SC.