Human resources professionals can play a critical role within any organization. Their work can be crucial for keeping employees happy, and for ensuring that teams work together cohesively. They can also help to protect the company from legal or regulatory issues, particularly regarding issues like workplace discrimination. At Performance Staffing Solutions, we have many years of experience working closely with HR professionals. It’s a field we know and love, and it’s our honor to provide our expertise not only to businesses with HR positions to fill, but also to job seekers who have experience in employee relations. We provide human resources staffing solutions and job opportunities throughout the Carolinas.

Human Resources Positions

Performance Staffing Solutions provides HR staffing and recruitment services of all kinds. It is our pleasure to fill a full range of HR roles, including:

  • Human resources generalist
  • Human resources assistant
  • VP of Human Resources
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Recruiter
  • Benefits coordinator

To seek work in the human resources field, we welcome you to apply with Performance Staffing Solutions today.

Filling HR Roles at Your Company?

Human resources professionals can make essential contributions to your team. The right people will bring the resources necessary to ensure full regulatory compliance, and also to make sure your employees all feel as though they are being properly cared for. When done right, human resources can boost team morale, productivity, and cohesion.

Finding the right people for these roles can be easier said than done. A successful HR representative will bring a combination of hard/technical skills and soft/people skills. Some additional qualifications may include experience with benefits, compensation, hiring, recruitment, union negotiations, employee wellness, and more.

The employers we work with depend on Performance Staffing Solutions to find HR professionals with the right balance of skills, but also the right cultural fit.

The Performance Staffing Solutions Approach

Since 2007, our team has been a local leader in staffing and recruitment, and we offer a special emphasis on HR roles. Here are a few reasons why employers choose us to fill their open human resource positions:

  • We know the value of workforce elasticity and can help our clients get the versatile teams they need. This may mean temp employees to help on a seasonal basis or to lend support during a big project.
  • We know that no two companies are the same, and a such we avoid cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, we work with our clients to provide fully customized hiring and recruitment programs.
  • We’re a small, independent agency, which means we offer a friendly and relational approach. At the same time, we have the breadth and the technological resources of a much larger team.

Performance Staffing Solutions is proud to be a trusted name in HR recruitment, throughout North and South Carolina.

HR Staffing Solutions & Job Opportunities in Charlotte and Beyond

Employers need skilled, competent human resources professionals to help them build strong and successful teams. As such, there is ample opportunity for those who have a background in HR or employee relations to contribute significant organizational value. Performance Staffing Solutions provides a full spectrum of services in this field, and it is our pleasure to work with employers and job seekers alike. We’d love to talk with you further about staffing and job placement in the human resources discipline. Contact our offices in Charlotte, NC, Gastonia, NC, or Rock Hill, SC whenever you’re ready to chat.