Performance Staffing Solutions offers a better way forward for our employees. Once you’ve been hired to work with us, our recruiting and staffing experts will help you find job opportunities that are just right for you. To get the most out of our partnership, refer to the sections below to learn more about the availability line, your employee account, and our job seeking resources.

If you are out of town and unable to attend the in-person interview, you can go here to fill out our formal application.

Our Availability Line

One of the best ways to expedite your job search, and to ensure you find a position that fits your skillsets, is to let us know whenever you’re available to work. That’s why we’ve set up this availability line. By calling this line at (704) 927-9693, you can quickly let our staffing agency know that you’re available and ready for work. Simply dial in and leave a short voicemail, stating your name, phone number, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number. This helps us know you’re ready to go with seasonal or temp opportunities. 

Your Employee Account

When you attended the in-person interview and completed your Performance Staffing Solutions application, you supplied a username and password to create an account. Once you’ve been hired to work with us, we’ll post new work opportunities to your account—just log in regularly to check for jobs.

Make sure you keep your account details, like your contact information, as updated as possible, so that we can connect you with the right opportunity.

Our Mobile App

We're excited to offer a mobile app to our associates. You'll be able to view details about your current and past assignments, download your paystubs and tax information, and update your availability and profile information. You can also contact your recruiter directly through this app. Download in three easy steps.

Find the Right Job & Get Hired!

At Performance Staffing Solutions, we provide our employees with incredible exposure to relevant opportunities; rather than sending out resumes and hoping for the best, you can actually rest assured that you have some direct contact with a decision-maker.

To prepare yourself for the next step, we invite our employees to explore our job seeking resources, including important information about how to dress for your interview, how to handle land mine interview questions, how to create a top-notch resume, and more.