Maintain a Competitive Edge With a Flexible Workforce

Today’s businesses are seeking a more elastic workforce. Having fewer permanent employees on staff allows a business to be nimbler and more competitive, and to avoid some of the high costs and risks associated with worker’s comp, health insurance, and beyond. That’s why more and more businesses in the Carolinas have turned to staffing agencies like Performance Staffing Solutions. Since 2007, we have provided local companies with the flexible workforces they need to maintain a competitive edge.

Services like ours allow businesses to ensure they have the right teams in place, no matter the season, the workload, or the state of the economy. In addition to this elasticity, Performance Staffing Solutions also provides our clients with customization. We know that not all companies have the same hiring needs, and we’re not here to force you into a pre-scripted program. Instead, our passion is to get to know your business objectives, and to design a staffing and recruitment program that’s just right for you.

With offices in Charlotte, NC and Rock Hill, SC, we provide accessibility and responsiveness to clients throughout the region. And we have a wide range of services to meet employers’ needs: Talent acquisition advisory services, assistance with payroll, on-site interviewing and recruitment, and more.

Talent Acquisition Advisory

In a rapidly transforming marketplace, there is one constant: talent is essential to business success. The right talent acquisition strategy and process – the ability to identify, attract and retain the best talent who drive business success – can significantly impact competitive advantage.

Performance Staffing Solution’s Talent Acquisition Advisory services provide a proven process and deep industry expertise to help you assess your talent acquisition strategy, identify needs, and prioritize next steps in improving your talent acquisition operations.

Regardless of the transformation your business is facing, from mergers and acquisitions to consolidation and new product launches, we can help your organization address key business needs through talent strategy. Our global talent consulting team brings together subject-matter experts from every part of the talent lifecycle. Harnessing their insight and experience, we deliver transformation that’s both high-impact and long-term.

To ensure companies have the talent acquisition strategy and processes in place to support the business and drive competitive advantage, our Talent Acquisition Advisory:

  • Conducts a full audit of current operations
  • Benchmarks talent acquisition capability against best practices
  • Provides comprehensive competitor insight
  • Optimizes recruitment functions
  • Develops actionable strategies to become best in class
  • Supports execution of those strategies

Direct Hire Placements

While many employers approach Performance Staffing Solutions looking for temporary workers, others seek something more permanent. If you’re ready to directly hire a candidate and bring them straight on to your payroll, our team can help; we’re here to ensure you find the best person for the job, and to ease the hiring process on your behalf.

We understand that finding the best fit your open position can feel like a full-time job unto itself; and, there is always a high level of risk that you’ll find someone who looks good on paper but turns out to be a poor fit with your company culture. But at Performance Staffing Solutions, hiring is what we do, and we’re good at it!

We’ll spend time getting to know your company and understanding what you need in your new hire. Then, we’ll draw three to five applicants from our database, searching for candidates who don’t just have the right “on paper” qualifications, but also align with your business values. We’ll then arrange for those job seekers to join you for on-site interviews. Our goal is to be trusted advisors throughout the process, bringing you excellent candidates and helping you select the best person for the job.

On-Site Partnership Program

For large-volume clients with complex staffing and HR needs, our team is proud to provide an on-site partnership program. With this arrangement, we’ll actually set up an office at your place of business, where our trained and qualified HR advisors can provide hands-on assistance at all stages of your employee lifecycle.

One important component of this is on-site recruitment. Not only will we get to see and experience your culture first-hand, but we’ll be present to meet with job seekers and conduct interviews as needed. If you have multiple positions you’re looking to fill and need a vigilant approach to recruitment, this may be the right solution for you.

Our on-site partnerships also ensure that, if you need guidance through other HR or recruiting concerns, you’ve got an expert on hand. Not only will we help you interview and locate the right job applicants, but we can also make sure you’re bringing them on board properly. This includes setting them up on your payroll, new hire orientations, paperwork, compensation, and more.

Performance Staffing Solutions is here to provide the hands-on assistance your business needs, throughout the recruiting process. Contact us to learn whether this is the right course of action for your business.

Payroll & Paperwork

Bringing on new hires involves a lot of work, beyond the obvious recruitment and interviewing processes. There’s also the matter of getting your new associate set up on the company payroll system. And of course, there’s a lot of paperwork to complete before the employee can be set up with their compensation and benefits.

Performance Staffing Solutions is pleased to offer our assistance on these issues, helping you onboard new hires as expediently as possible. Basically, we can do all the back-office functionality on our end, not only saving you the work but also saving you from some of the legal liability.

This is a service we provide to our clients at a low rate, as it doesn’t involve us sourcing or hiring the candidate. If it’s simply a matter of completing paperwork, that’s something we’re happy to do for a lower markup.

As ever, our goal is to help you get the right workforce in place to meet all your business objectives—as easily and as expediently as possible.

Questions about our services in payroll and paperwork? Reach out to Performance Staffing Solutions and we’d be happy to tell you more about the flexibility we can bring to your hiring processes.

Learn More About Our Offerings to Employers

At Performance Staffing Solutions, we’re here to help you develop the workforce you need to achieve your business objectives. That means serving as talent acquisition advisors. It means assisting with the direct hire of new employees. It means assistance with payroll and paperwork. It can even mean on-site recruiting and interviews. It can mean whatever you need for an expedient and effective recruitment process. Learn more about the value we provide to employers by contacting Performance Staffing Solutions today. Connect with us in our offices in Rock Hill, SC, Gastonia, NC, or Charlotte, NC today.