When you seek professional opportunities through Performance Staffing Solutions, you gain exposure to an extensive list of employers, including many who aren’t yet advertising their positions publicly. Additionally, we provide you the flexibility you need, helping connect you with a position that’s a great fit for your skills, experience, and personality.

Our Application Process

To start working with us, you’ll first need to complete our online application. The application provides us with all the information we need about your skills and qualifications, helping us find suitable opportunities for you. Ready to apply? Here are step-by-step instructions:

  1. Head to our online application to begin.
  2. Select your preferred Performance Staffing Solutions branch. We’d recommend just picking the location that’s closest to you.
  3. Provide your basic contact information, and choose the type of work you’re looking for.
  4. Once you’ve input this information, you’ll also have a chance to upload a resume in either .DOC or .PDF format. It’s okay if your resume isn’t perfectly polished; we just want to make sure we’re identifying all the open positions in our database that align with your skillset.
  5. Decide on a username and password to create an account. You’ll use your account to log in regularly and check for new work opportunities, or to update your contact information.
  6. Complete each section of the online application, and submit your responses.

What’s Next?

The process to finding work assignments via Performance Staffing Solutions is incredibly straightforward. Here’s what to expect next:

  1. Once you’ve submitted your application, you can expect to hear from one of our recruiters. We’ll call within two business days. This will provide you with a chance to talk one-on-one to someone who knows the local job market inside and out and can help you identify a work assignment that fits your needs and goals.
  2. Your recruiter will ask that you come in for an interview to discuss your professional life and the benefits you bring to an employer.
  3. The next step from there? You’re hired!
  4. As an employee of Performance Staffing Solutions, you’ll use our availability line to let us know whenever you’re available to work. Performance Staffing Solutions will then find you a work assignment that helps you move your career forward, whether that means a temporary assignment or direct placement.

Start the process today, and experience how easy it is to find work opportunities no matter your industry.

The Job of Your Dreams is Just a Click Away

Nobody enjoys the process of sending out resumes and trying desperately to connect with hiring managers. Performance Staffing Solutions offers a better way forward for job seekers, providing an opportunity to find flexible employment that’s just right for you. The first step in the process is to fill out an application, which puts you in our database and allows us to start searching for appropriate assignments. From there, you’ll hear from a recruiter who can walk you through the rest of the process. Take the first step toward a new employment opportunity. Fill out an application with Performance Staffing Solutions today.