The need for speed in the hiring process is increasing in today's work landscape. Whether you are an employer trying to fill a new position or are in an industry with high turnover, the hiring process can seem lengthy at times. Finding the balance between quickly finding a great candidate and not rushing can be difficult. Here are 5 proven ways to help speed up your hiring process. 

1. Write a Clear Job Description

When advertising for your position, having a clear, concise, and informational job description is key. Information that you should include is the title of the job, where it is located, what the pay will be, required qualifications and skills, responsibilities and duties of said job, and any benefits or bonuses you offer.To start things off on the right foot, here is an example of what a great job description looks like.  



2. Advertise Where Your Candidates Will Be

After you have put together a great Job Description, its time to advertise. While using hiring platforms such as Indeed or CareerBuilder are easy, they are not always effective depending on what type of candidate you are looking for. If you are searching for a young professional,advertising on social media or on college job boards is essential. If you are looking for a skilled tradesman or part time employee for a special project, consider posting job descriptions on sites such as NCWorks. This will allow you to pinpoint a region when you can generate many applicants.

3. Remember It’s Ok to Be Selective

Sometimes one of the hardest things to remember is to be selective. Just because you got 100 resumes does not mean you need to interview all 100 candidates. Trust your gut in the resume review round to eliminate hours of potentially wasted time for you and the hiring team.  It is often better to wait to find a candidate that is just right than to rush into hiring the first applicant. Pre Screening applicants via a phone call or virtual interviews is a great way to weed out candidates that are not right for the position. This will save you time in the long run and allow you to only interview the most qualified applicants. 

4. Conduct a Job or Career Fair

Hosting a job fair is a great opportunity to have many applicants come to you! Job fairs are especially useful when you are looking for candidates in a niche market or area. Hosting these events in areas of high foot traffic such as shopping centers will additionally help generate buzz for your open positions. 

5. Outsource Portions of Your Hiring Process

If you are having a hard time finding that just the right candidates, or do not want to be bothered with the hiring process, outsourcing can be a great solution. Agencies such as Performance Staffing Solutions have access to large pools of professionals actively seeking employment. Utilizing a staffing agency can provide flexibility, help to find better candidates, and help save on time and money. To read more about  how a staffing agency can help you, check out this blog. To get started with Performance Staffing Solutions, contact us here.