Interviewing with a recruiter at a staffing agency is the perfect way to find a job. Whether you are new to an area, looking to make a career switch, or just need assistance in the job seeking department, staffing agencies are a great resource in your community. Read more about the perks of using a staffing agency here.  

Regardless of previous experiences with staffing agencies (or have never used a staffing agency) knowing what to expect from an interview with a recruiter is key to your job seeking success. Its important to be prepared because staffing agencies are well connected in their communities and its just good interview practice! Keep in mind that companies are paying recruiters to find them the top talent in the industry and the perfect candidate for the job and that could be you! From warehouse workers to IT professionals, these recruiters are aiming to help people find jobs and fill vacancies in in-need industries. 

One way you can be prepared for your next interview with a recruiter is to be prepared. This means completing preliminary paperwork prior to your interview, such as an online application like this one. This also means having all the necessary information with you at your interview. In most cases you will need a photo ID and your social security card to get started. Having this information with you at an interview with your recruiter will allow them to complete the background check information and process things like your I9 or W4 so that when the recruiter finds a position for you, you can get to work as soon as the next day.

Remember to  present yourself well. This means coming in with a resume if you have one, professional dress and a respectful attitude. Remembering your manners and putting your best foot forward with your recruiter will go a long way!

Don’t forget to do a little research. Doing research on the areas of work you might be interested in or providing previous work experience can help a recruiter guide their search. This can help guide the interview conversation and will ultimately help the recruiter know what kind of work you might be willing to do. 

Always remember to keep an open mind and a positive attitude when searching for a job. While the process isn't always smooth, using the resources of staffing agencies in your community can help! Performance Staffing Solutions has a variety of positions across multiple industries throughout the Carolinas. Interested in getting started with a recruiter? Fill out our get hired form here, then schedule an appointment with one of our amazing recruiters at one of our three office locations.