As we enter the “Great Rehire” there is a strong chance that in 2021 more people will re-enter the workforce than ever before. One of the greatest post pandemic trends Metro areas like Charlotte are seeing is that employers are increasingly turning to Recruiting Firms, and the truth is you should too. Whether you are an employer looking to expand your business, or if you are a candidate looking to get a job, staffing and recruiting agencies can help you find the best positions for your skill set. 

For employers: You should join the trend!

As an employer who is looking to stay relevant and competitive in today’s job market, turning to an agency like Performance Staffing Solutions is an incredibly smart move. Their services will help your company to fill vacancies faster and more efficiently. This will help to combat industry talent shortages, and source the right candidates for your product or service. An added benefit of this is it allows you to test candidates' capabilities before hiring them on full time, or committing to them. In turn, this can assist your company in returning to pre-pandemic production levels and can even boost productivity. Contracting a staffing agency can aid in retention of new hires and bring down your overall turnover rate. A staffing partner can also provide your business with valuable workforce data specific to your industry and location that can help your business be more competitive in the job market. You can check out more of the benefits of using a staffing agency here.

For Jobseekers: Seek out Recruiting Firms, they are here to help

As we know, It is a job seekers market. This is a huge benefit that job seekers are gaining an advantage over employers. Companies are becoming more willing to pay more, showing flexibility in where and how people work, and taking chances on people who don't have the traditional qualifications. Employers are turning to agencies to fill their positions with great candidates, making it incredibly easy for you to get a job. But as a jobseeker, turning to an agency to help find employment is a smart move. They can help you to get back to work faster, market your talents, and help find the best work environment for you. Not to mention agencies allow for job security, which is an added bonus for you. 

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