Every company depends on qualified, well-trained employees to help them achieve their organizational goals. Having the right team members can boost productivity, customer experience, product quality, employee morale, and more. But, as anyone who’s ever hired can surely attest, building the right team isn’t without its challenges. Strategic hiring takes time and resources, and even when it’s done thoughtfully, the process can still result in the wrong person being hired.

More and more businesses are outsourcing this time-consuming process to the professionals, like Performance Staffing Solutions. The basic rationale is simple: You have a job to do, and we have a job to do. Our job is staffing your company with the personnel you need, allowing you to focus on planning, executing, innovating, and adding value to your business.

In fact, there are a number of benefits to using the services of a professional staffing and recruitment company.

Why Use a Staffing Company?

  1. Staffing companies can provide flexibility. Maybe your business needs a new full-time employee, but maybe you just need someone to help out during a seasonal peak, or to help push a big project across the finish line. A staffing company can help with temp, temp-to-hire, and direct hire, providing an elastic workforce that gets the job done without using up too many company resources.
  2. A staffing company can save time. Did we mention that the hiring process can be time-consuming? Creating and promoting your job posting, reading through resumes, interviewing, running background checks… all of these activities can eat up valuable time. By outsourcing, you can regain that time and use it for other value-adding or mission-critical activities.
  3. Staffing companies can shoulder the bulk of the risk. There are financial and legal risks inherent to the hiring process: Getting new employees onto payroll, shouldering the worker’s comp and liability burdens, handling unemployment benefits, and more. Staffing companies will often take on these burdens themselves, particularly in the case of temp employees.
  4. When you use a staffing company, you can get better candidates. Staffing companies have networks and connections that allow them to draw from a broader pool of employees; and finely-tuned systems for vetting candidates and finding the right applicants. For a company like Performance Staffing Solutions, hiring is what we do; we have the systems and the expertise to find the best candidates, those who have the right technical skills but also provide the right fit with your existing culture.
  5. Working with a staffing agency helps keep your company be nimble. Your business needs to evolve over time, and sometimes they may shift very suddenly; this may mean your existing workforce is overburdened, or it may mean you have more people than you really need. A staffing firm makes it easy for you to augment your personnel as needed, making you more adaptable and less wasteful.
  6. Staffing companies can save you money. While there is a front-end cost associated with professional staffing services, you’re likely to save money overall: You’ll pay your staffing company instead of paying an in-house employee, but the staffing company can complete the job more expediently and achieve better results.

These are just a few of the reasons why it’s to your company’s advantage to use a partner like Performance Staffing Solutions to help build a better workforce.

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