Managing a team of temporary employees can be a challenge, especially when you’re trying to achieve specific goals and deadlines while also training a new team. Temporary employees are often brought in to provide quick and efficient support to the team, but they may also have less familiarity with the company and the team, which could make it more challenging to manage them effectively. Here are some tips on how to efficiently manage a team of temporary employees.

Communicate Expectations Clearly:

When you bring in temporary employees, make sure to clarify the job description and expectations related to the work ahead. Have a clear plan of how their work will support the overall goals and the milestones they need to hit. Make sure they have access to all the resources they need to do the job right.

Give Them Proper Training:

Temporary employees often do not have much background knowledge, and you may need to train them. Be sure to clearly go over the task, answer questions, and provide a high level of training and support to get them started.

Assign a Mentor or Supervisor:

Assigning someone on your team to be a mentor or supervisor is useful in blending them in with the team and giving extra support during their time working with you. Give them someone with whom they can discuss issues and ask questions. Encourage them to ask questions and seek direction when they are unsure of anything.

Make Sure They Are Comfortable:

Similar to when you bring on a permanent employee, ensure to provide temp employees with everything they need to feel comfortable and be successful in their role. Be sure to provide adequate seating, equipment, and tools to complete their job properly and with ease.

Provide Regular Feedback:

As with all employees, regular feedback on their work and how they are performing is vital. Whether feedback is provided directly to the employee or to the recruiter that placed them, any feedback provided will help the employee make improvements when needed as well as feel confident in their role knowing when they do something right. Feedback to recruiters is also helpful for them to know this employee’s specific strengths and weaknesses for when the possible time comes to place them on a new assignment.

Using these tips can help build a strong working relationship with your employees regardless of how long they will be with your company. Most employees that come from staffing agencies will provide their recruiter with feedback on their supervisor and experience on the job and the lasting first impression you can leave with them can go a long way.