Tired of exhausting your teams' efforts on interviewing and hiring new employees? Let the professionals take care of it for you. Partnering with a staffing agency can offer a more effective and quicker way to locate and hire qualified employees. Staffing agencies are the experts at sourcing candidates, performing screenings and interviewing. Speed and efficiency are essential virtues of staffing agencies and using them provides several benefits. In this blog, we explore why speed and efficiency are essential when using a staffing agency.

1. Time-Saving:

Seasonal highs and lows in business activities or unexpected employee turnover may pressure a company to fill positions urgently. Partnering with a staffing agency alleviates the workload for in-house recruiting departments, thereby saving time and allowing critical roles to be filled quickly.

2. Qualified Candidates:

Time is of the essence when searching for qualified candidates. Staffing agencies provide a vast pool of qualified, pre-screened and tested candidates. With high expectations to deliver, the agency's recruiters will present the most qualified and reliable candidates for each available opportunity.

3. Familiarity with the Market:

Staffing agencies keep up-to-date with employment market trends, opportunities, and the most sought-after qualifications. They have in-depth knowledge to understand diverse positions and the best possible candidates the market can provide. One ongoing trend is the likelihood of candidates finding alternative employment if an interview or offer is not made quickly enough from the staffing agency they interviewed at. Urgency and speed are crucial to placing highly sought-after candidates.

4. Expedited Screening Processes:

Background and drug screenings can become tedious and time consuming during the interview process. Most companies send candidates to a third-party lab for drug screening that could take a couple of days to complete and receive results for. Our staffing agency performs on-site drug screening that yields immediate results. Additionally, background checks come back within 24 hours of being run.

5. Reduced Turnover:

No hiring process is full-proof; however, staffing agency staffing reduces employee turnover. Hiring a candidate for the wrong role or with incorrect qualifications can be an expensive mistake avoided by working with experienced recruiters. We take pride in the candidates we put to work, ensuring each is qualified for the job and has a reliable work history.

Operating at speed and efficiency is critical in filling your open positions. With staffing agencies taking on the sourcing of candidates, shortlisting and candidate screening processes, you benefit from a quick, transparent and efficient recruitment process. Partnering with an experienced staffing agency provides a plethora of opportunities for businesses that allow flexibility to manage a wide range of staffing needs quickly and efficiently.