[Performance Staffing Solutions] was great from beginning to end! They were prompt and showed excitement for my opportunity which made me excited! I cannot say enough good things about [Performance Staffing Solutions'] diligence! If you're looking for somewhere on top of their game for you to gain, look no further!

Shout out the entire crew at [Performance Staffing Solutions]. They have awesome customer service skills, very easy to work with and they genuinely want to assist. I got what I needed accomplished in a very timely manner and thoroughly. Keep up the great work guys!

Performance Staffing Solutions is the most personable staffing agency I have ever used. They were professional and helped me find the perfect fit for my skill set. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing their services.

I recommend Performance Staffing to anyone looking for a good, high quality position with potential to hire permanently. Staff is very professional and easy to work with. Give these guys a try, you won't be disappointed.

This agency went the extra mile to assist me in my job search. I am new to Charlotte, North Carolina and this new job they helped me obtain is helping me improve my life. I love this establishment!

When I first approached [Performance Staffing Solutions] I had no job and a little money. And now because of their help I am able to pay all my bills and have a normal stress-free living standards. I would recommend anybody to come to performance staffing solutions.

Always finds me work, quickly. An awesome staffing company to work for, and I hate staffing places usually. Very quick assignment times too.

Everyone is so nice over there, and I have never had a pay issue, not once.
Convenient and friendly help every time I deal with them. Ive been to a dozen places and this is the very best in Charlotte.

I highly recommend. They were so professional, [Performance Staffing Solutions] helped us find work and for great pay.

Best experience for me!

I applied here and was contacted the same day to schedule a interview. They was very professional and was eager to help me find the job I was seeking.

The staff was very helpful and kind. Performance Staffing has helped me get my life back on track and I am VERY grateful. Ten out of ten would recommend for employment.

Great experience with this company. Would highly recommend for anyone seeking employment opportunities!!

Nice staff. Professional and attentive. Highly recommend Performance Staffing Solutions.

[Performance Staffing Solutions] is the best at getting anyone a job, performance staffing solutions has been great to me.

Absolutely the best experience I’ve had with a staffing agency to date. [Performance Staffing Solutions] got me in and taken care of extremely fast. They even had me come in the next day to give me some pointers and help me update my resume. They definitely put the client first. Very pleased overall.

The National Basketball Association partnered with Performance Staffing to assist with our temporary workforce needs during the 2019 All-Star Week events in Charlotte, North Carolina. The PSS team exceeded our expectations with their level of service.

Throughout the week Performance Staffing Solutions provided the highest level of customer service and communication for each of our event teams. Across multiple and varied assignments, the staff provided by PSS were highly qualified for each respective position, including: guest information/customer service, mailroom/runner (distribution), transportation guides, and event assistants. And when challenges arose, when replacements were needed or when last-minute changes and additional staff were required, the PSS team members were very composed, flexible and met every demand.

Through our partnership with Performance Staffing Solutions, our organization was able to provide a tremendous experience for All-Star Week visitors and attendees. I recommend their team to any organization looking for outstanding service for their staffing needs.

After the NBA All-Star Week events in 2019, Desiree was so pleased with our service that she sent us a recommendation letter. View the Letter >

Your Branch Manager has stepped up and handled customer service for us.

Sometimes that isn’t easy for us. We get late notifications of container arrivals where I will need daily staff the next day and the PSS staff have done an outstanding job.

In my business, nobody ever lets you know when you do a good job, or have outstanding customer service. They only want to point out the mistakes. I operate a little bit different. As you can see, your team was reaching out to me on the update of temps for the following day, at 7:30 in the evening. That is great customer service and I appreciate that. It gives me the chance to plan my day accordingly.

Just wanted to say thank you for the great customer service your team is providing for our company.

Easy to apply and effective. They are committed to getting you to work and are great at customer service.

Great experience with professional folks. Outstanding communication at all times to make sure our needs are met.

[Performance Staffing Solutions] has been very supportive in contacting me regularly and checking if we needed anything. During the last few months, we have not needed much staffing but I am always ready to contact [them] for support.

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