The loss of a job is a challenging prospect, if it's unexpected, it can compound the difficulties of the situation. In the face of a potential economic recession, the possibility that your company is considering a reduction in permanent employees is high. 

Companies know that their workforce is important, but they also know that rising inflation and the cost to do business hurts their bottom line to keep full-time workers on their payroll during times of lower demand or productivity. Because of this, many major companies will choose to transition to a temporary, contract, or seasonal workforce. 

Companies will turn to local, trusted staffing agencies to help fill their needs with a flexible workforce. A staffing agency will have an "in" to long-term and short-term temporary assignments. They will trust a staffing agency to provide the high-quality talent. If you think you may be laid off, here's what you can do to get connected with those jobs. The first step is getting connected with a local staffing agency, there are many, it's important to choose one that staffs your industry, values your experience, and listens to your job needs. A good staffing agency will help you decipher and describe your job experience and marketable skills. This will help them understand where you will thrive. A recruiter will also discuss interview skills with you. They will work with you and only send you jobs within your desired pay range and schedule. When they've found a job you're a good fit for, they will be an advocate for you and sell your experience to hiring managers.

You can start talking to a staffing agency without leaving your current position. They can talk to you about next steps, and you can start to build a relationship to prepare for the future. 

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