It is no secret that hiring, and employee retention have been challenging over the past year or so. With newfound expectations, job seekers are being pickier than ever when it comes to deciding what position they should take next. Although job seekers are scarce, open positions are plentiful. Employers are beginning to navigate this situation by implementing quiet hiring.

Quiet hiring is described as a way to fill a crucial or highly necessary role without bringing on new, full-time employees. This can be done by hiring temporary/contract workers through a staffing agency or having current employees fill these roles temporarily while still being responsible for fulfilling their current roles' duties.

How to Navigate Quiet Hiring as an Employer

Utilizing quiet hiring could make or break a company in times of need to urgently complete tasks or meet goals. Temporary/contract positions are available during these times of need. They are the key to filling roles briefly without the commitment of a full-time employee. This is where staffing agencies, such as us, come into play - we are the missing piece of the puzzle! Staffing agencies are the backbone of the temporary and contract employee workforce. We are highly skilled and readily prepared to find your new employees as quickly as possible. With applicants already eager to work, we can easily fill those temporary positions for you without you having to do any of the work!

You can also rely on current full-time employees to fill these positions. Whether it is a crucial position that needs to eventually be filled permanently or a temporary task force that needs to be formed to reach a company goal, strategically approaching these conversations and position change requests is critical to maintaining a happy staff.

Make sure your employees understand:

  • This new role is temporary as we work towards… (reaching our goal, hiring a permanent worker to fill the position, etc.)
  • The responsibilities of your new, temporary, role will not be replacing your current responsibilities.
  • Why filling this role is so important to the growth and success of the company.
  • How it could help advance their career within the company.

How to Capitalize as an Employee

If you are informed that your employer is utilizing the quiet hiring technique and the opportunity is presented to you, use it to your advantage. Take this as an opportunity to express the intentions of your future with the company as well as your overall career goals that your current company might be able to help you attain. You are just as deserving of benefiting from this move as your company is.

How to Capitalize as a Job Seeker

With quiet hiring on the rise, staffing agencies will become the key to helping employers fill vacant positions. The best way for you to get in is by applying through a staffing agency. They will get to know you, your experience, your career goals, and your desired pay to match you with the perfect position. The more employers are utilizing quiet hiring, the more job opportunities staffing agencies will have available to you!

No matter which side of the “quiet hiring” trend you find yourself on, there are ways to help your business or career grow. Contact us today at Performance Staffing Solutions to learn more and get hired!