Every element of your business needs to run effectively and effectively in order to be successful. Outsourcing payrolling is the key to this success. Having other professionals, like Performance Staffing Solutions, handle payroll can be the reason that your business prospers. Payroll services add value, organization, and a streamlined approach to the business of paying your employees and much more. 

Eliminate Common Business Mistakes

Well-run businesses, big or small, are proactive. The payroll and administrative areas are among the most common to have multiple mistakes. Payroll services include paying your employees, whether that is via direct deposit or actual checks,  and ensure your federal state, and local taxes are correct. Over everything, this takes time away from other essential tasks you have as a business owner. In addition, onboarding and supervising personnel to complete this task in less time and cost-effective than working with a provider like Performance Staffing Solutions, as we are a turnkey operation with the solutions perfect for your business.  

Eliminate Paperwork Headaches 

Payrolling services take the headache out of managing and storing multiple files for each employee a company has. Many people do not realize that per each employee, a company must keep a personnel file for a certain number of years, regardless of employment length. A company must keep certain employee information to comply with federal laws, but who has the time or space for that? For companies who temporarily employ candidates, large companies, and even small companies with significant turnover, this takes up your time and money.  In using a payrolling service, you don't have to keep the personnel file on hand or worry about other strenuous paperwork. 

Helps your Company Spring-back from Setbacks 

Since March of 2020, businesses across the country have experienced unprecedented setbacks. COVID - 19 has introduced a plethora of new rules and regulations businesses are expected to comply with and has made it increasingly more challenging for businesses to spring back. Payrolling services can relieve some of this pressure, allowing your business the ability to bounce back. The reality of our world is that the situation can change drastically with no warning, and your business needs to be prepared for any and everything that may come it’s way. Having support in terms of your payroll can be the assistance your business needs. 

Payroll Services Help Save you Money 

Outsourcing your payrolling is a smart idea because it will actually end up saving you money. Since they have more experience and knowledge of the rules and regulations within the industry, they can save you from fines and fees. In managing your payroll, they are saving you from the $6.4 billion dollars worth of fines the IRS gives out annually. These fines can come as a result of infractions such as failing to pay business income tax, FICA, and late tax payments or underpayment. Payroll services eliminate the headache of making sure your taxes are paid correctly and on time, saving you on penalties, fees, and fines.

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