There’s no way around it, sometimes a job is not the right one for you. The work may be more physically or emotionally strenuous than you originally expected, or you may not align with the methods or values of your supervisors, coworkers, or the organization you’re working for. Whatever the reason, you may find yourself ready to leave and preparing to look for new opportunities.

If the role or the company isn’t right for you for, there’s no shame in that. Quitting is okay. But it shouldn’t be a decision made lightly. It’s a major decision, and you should take your time when making it. Next time you’re at work and feel like you’re ready to give up, ask yourself, “can I give it just one more day?” Try to find it in yourself to give your team just one more day of hard work.

If after one more day how you feel hasn’t changed, have a conversation with the people who your quitting will affect. You can discuss an exit strategy that will help you leave on good terms and limit negative effects on your team.

If after one more day you’re still not sure if you’d like to stay, keep giving it one more day at a time.

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