Having a resume that describes all of your recent and relevant work experience is vital when you’re looking for a new job.

Your resume is a map of your professional work experience, skills, and education for potential employers. It should accurately represent all of the information relevant to the type of job you are looking for. Hiring managers will review your resume for specific skill sets and experiences to decide if they'd like to meet with you.

If you’re missing key information like your most recent job experience, operating certain equipment, or certifications, you could miss your opportunity to be chosen to move forward in the hiring process.

If you are able to secure an interview without an updated resume, you’ll likely talk about information with the hiring manager that doesn’t match. This could make you appear less credible, or even unprepared.

Before starting or continuing a job search you should take time to review your resume and make amendments or updates as needed. Keep in mind your resume should have relevant information for the job you are looking for, not necessarily just a list of every job you’ve ever worked. Keeping an up-to-date resume will give you your best shot at landing the job you want.

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