The economy is constantly changing unexpectedly. One day, businesses are tripling their workforce and the next they are cutting it in half. With uncertainties about where the economy will take us next, you may become responsible for making decisions to drastically change the business. Upon completing a structural analysis of the business, it could make more sense to have fewer permanent employees or fewer employees in general. A common and effective solution to the ever-changing economy and workforce is rightsizing your business.

Rightsizing Your Business

What does it mean to rightsize your business and how is it beneficial? Contrary to popular belief, rightsizing and downsizing are completely different strategies. Rightsizing means restructuring a business to maintain productivity and minimize overhead costs without necessarily downsizing the number of workers. Shifting employees around within the business is one strategy, but another is hiring temporary employees.

The Value of Temporary Employees

Temporary employees provide the opportunity for you to have workers and continued productivity without adding or keeping extra workers on your payroll. Partnering with a staffing agency is the best solution to temp staffing needs. Staffing agencies can ultimately save you time and money. Time will be saved by utilizing us to post, source, interview, and screen all potential candidates for your company. This means less time taken out of the day of the employees you are paying to source new employees. This solution also saves you money. Hiring temporary workers through a staffing agency means that their pay, benefits, and workers comp are all taken care of by the staffing agency instead of your business. This allows you to not only save money but also keep the business functioning at full force.

Rightsizing your business may be the most strategic plan for your business during these uncertain economic times. Utilizing the strategy of hiring temporary workers through a staffing agency can save you time and money during this crucial period. Staffing agencies are here to do all the legwork for you to gain new employees as well as cover the cost of their pay, benefits, and workers comp. To learn more about rightsizing, and how this industry trend may impact your business, contact us at Performance Staffing Solutions.