What do extended hours, increased demand, and quick turnover time all have in common? These are just a few of the signs that a business needs seasonal hires. Hiring seasonal employees or temporary workers can have huge benefits for your company.  By supplementing the volume of full time or regular employees, your company will excel at producing products and serving your customers. Performance Staffing Solutions is here to help; here are just a few of the pros of staffing with seasonal hires.

Employee Evaluation

If the seasonal employee is not the right fit for your company, you have no obligation to hire. However,  a company can use this trial employment as a time to assess if you may want to rehire during the following peak season. If a company likes the employee during the busy months, then they may have the opportunity to offer them a  year-round position.

Reduced Payroll Saves you Time and Money

Hiring only during a company's time of need allows you to reduce one of your largest expenses: payroll. Typically, seasonal employees are part-time, they often receive a lower rate than full-time employees and may not work enough hours to receive overtime pay. This, combined with the short-term employment period of only a company’s busiest season, will overall reduce your payroll, saving you time and money. A staffing agency can eliminate the risks of seasonal employment, allowing a company to evaluate its employees, reduce payroll costs, and create a worry-free work environment. 

Pliable Labor Force leads to higher morale 

A company with seasonal hires gives managers the flexibility to adjust the size of their labor force to match that of a company’s workload.  On a needed-basis, the manager has the ability to add or subtract employees, without overworking a company’s full-time staff. An overwhelmed staff can be detrimental to a company’s spirit. When business increases during a company’s busiest season, for example during the holidays, and there is not enough staff to keep up with the workload, full-time employees can become burnt out. When employees are burnt out, it can contribute to a company’s turnover rate and reduce productivity. Seasonal hires make for a pliable workforce, taking the pressure off a company’s staff, and creating higher morale within a company.

Reduced risk, means a worry-free environment

 You may be thinking, “will these employees be qualified workers? Will they be loyal and reliable? What if someone gets injured?” Those dreaded questions can be avoided when Performance Staffing Solutions helps you hire seasonal workers. Your company will not need to worry about the hiring process because Performance Staffing Solutions has the experience and expertise to connect the right people with the right jobs. If a worker is not meeting the standards expected or unexpectedly vacates their role, Performance Staffing Solutions can have replacements quickly with a database of thousands of workers and new ones applying daily. Since Performance Staffing Solutions covers the workers’ compensation insurance for the seasonal employees, you will no longer have to worry about the increased risk of injuries when increasing staff. Creating a worry-free environment can be easy.


Performance Staffing Solutions is here to help. If your company is in the market for seasonal hires contact us today!