As the workforce is still recovering from the impact of Covid-19, we are finally beginning to see some relief for employees and employers. The years 2020-2022 were full of unpredictable changes in available workers, wage demands, increased desire for remote/hybrid working, and the necessity for layoffs. With the new year ahead of us, 2023 is projected to bring changes for the better to position us back to where we were pre-pandemic.

Employers' Need for Candidates and the Number of Available Candidates Will Even Out

In the past few years, the workforce has been grasping to fulfill its employment needs. Everywhere from fast food restaurants to executive roles to government official positions have become almost impossible to fill. The lack of workers has been difficult for employers and consumers as it has caused regulations and service quality to decrease. The new year brings hope and projections that the demand for candidates and the availability of candidates will finally even out. Making hiring and running businesses as smoothly and fully staffed as possible again.

The Future Holds Wage Increases for Some Industries to Cope With Demographic Realities

With the demographics of the workforce slowly changing, employers will have to shift their opportunities and benefits to align. Multiple factors are influencing these changes such as a decrease in the working-age population and low employment rates. Blue-collar industries are now beginning to increase wages to compete with the more desirable white-collar positions.

Employers Will Take Steps to Subsidize Employees' Contributions to Their Health Plans

In order to help draw more interest in positions and companies, employers will begin to offer some form of subsidizing to employee health plans. Whether this is lowering monthly payments or offering a wider variety of low-deductible plans. This is projected to be a very appealing change to employees as a necessity of health care, yet high overall costs and deductibles can tend to be daunting.

Overall, 2023 is projected to be a more normalized year for most sectors and industries. After the prior difficult years, we can finally feel relieved at some signs of normalization. With a positive outlook for the 2023 workforce, it’s the perfect time to start your year off right with a career change that will benefit you for the months to come. Take the first steps towards getting hired today!