Now that you are ready to check “get a better job” off your to-do list, it is time to update that resume! These top questions will help you determine whether or not your resume is ready to be sent out. 

  • What is the acceptable length of a resume?
    The length of your resume is determined by the type of position you are applying for. Typically, no more than one page is necessary for most entry-level positions. As you gain more experience, attain references, and acquire specialty certifications then your resume should exceed the standard one-page length. No matter the length, your resume should be simple, organized, and clear so that the hiring manager can find all your vital information. Do not forget to include links to relevant work samples when you apply virtually! This adds credibility to your experience without bulking up your resume.
  • Does my resume really need an “Objectives” section?
    The answer is no. An “objectives” section leading your resume is a trend of the past. Instead, underneath your nameplate and contact information, craft a summary outlining why you are qualified for the job. This should be around six to eight bullet points detailing your relevant skills, education, and experience directly related to the position you are applying for.
  • Should I list my technology skills?
    It’s 2021. At this point, hiring managers are assuming you are technologically literate. Including a list is no longer necessary, unless you are talking about job-specific software such as Autocad, Adobe Premiere, or ProCore. 
  • Should I include extracurriculars on my resume?
    If you have space on your one-page resume and your extracurricular activities are related to the position you are applying for, then yes. Things like volunteer work, service committees, or community engagement show a potential employer how you interact with others and impact the world. Adding these can be beneficial but, it is best to leave your hobbies off of your resume.  
  • Should I create a LinkedIn? Or if I have a LinkedIn, should I add it to my resume?
    Yes, everyone should have a LinkedIn! In today’s digital world, much of the application and interview process is done virtually. LinkedIn allows hiring managers to look at you, and you to look at them. It is a great way to market yourself for free and is very user friendly. Your LinkedIn should include information that is synchronous to that of your resume, a professional headshot, and any links to work samples. Make sure you are as professional online as you are in person. 

For more information on what your resume should look like, read our article WHAT YOUR RESUME SHOULD LOOK LIKE. To apply to one of our available jobs or to be connected with a recruiter, head over to our main page to fill out an application