If you worked a temporary or seasonal job during the end of year you may be wondering how to add it to your resume. After gaining valuable skills and job experience it’s important that you display that for future job searches. You also may have new references that would be proud to speak on your behalf. It can be hard to decide how to list this seasonal work on your resume in a way that best displays the work that you did. Here is how to add seasonal work to your resume:

Be Sure To Label the Work as “Contract”, “Seasonal” or “Temporary”

To avoid any confusion on why work only last for a short period of time, be sure to add a label on any seasonal, temporary or contract roles. This will let hiring managers know that the position was intended to be short term. Add the label before or after the job title, for example: “Seasonal Retail Associate” “Warehouse Worker – Temporary Assignment.”

Highlight the Skills that Seasonal Job Required

There are lots of new skills that your seasonal work may have taught you and or skills that you were able to improve that will be valuable to hiring managers. Choosing to work a seasonal job at minimum shows that you are hardworking and dedicated, because you could have chosen to not work at all.

How to List Multiple Seasonal Jobs

If you have worked multiple seasonal jobs it can be challenging to know how to include them all on your resume.  It may make sense to group them together under one section, along with a collection of your highlighted skills.

Use Years Only When Giving Dates of Employment

To put more of emphasis on what you learned from the seasonal job, instead of the short amount of time you were there, don’t include the months you were employed when listing seasonal work on your resume.  Instead only including the year or years that you worked in the positon.

Decide When You Should Leave Seasonal Jobs Out of Your Resume

When you have years of relevant experience, listing seasonal employment may be unnecessary and you may simply not have space on your resume. Especially if you held the positions a long time ago, the gap in employment that they leave likely won’t be of concern to hiring managers. They will be most interested in your most recent and relevant experience. Instead, only list short term work where you feel you made meaningful contributions and gained skills relevant to your current job search.

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