The staffing industry came about during WWII when there was increased need for workers due to men and boys being drafted into the war. With an influx of open jobs appearing overnight, the staffing industry was born to help mitigate and expedite the hiring process. Since then, the industry has grown exponentially and the potential of working with staffing agencies has expanded from solely finding candidates to fill roles to helping with administrative duties such as payroll.

If your business is currently partnering with a staffing agency or is considering it in the future, be sure to utilize all their capabilities in order to gain the most out of the partnership. Some of the most beneficial and impactful ways to fully utilize your partnership may include:

Use Them to Fill More Than One Position

Staffing agencies often offer staffing for more than just one industry and can help businesses staff more than one position within the company. Although you may be used to using your staffing partner for one position, that doesn’t mean that is all they can staff for you. For example, we can help you fill any role from warehouse to administrative to HR. Additionally, you could even hire us solely to complete the payroll for your company.

Use Them to Obtain Local Job Market Data

Staffing agencies are the employment industry experts. We are constantly speaking to candidates and employers and doing independent market research assessing employment trends. We know when the expected pay ranges are changing as well as what other companies are paying for the same position your company is hiring for. With the job market being as unpredictable as it is right now, keeping up to speed with these trends will help you fill your positions quickly and efficiently.

Risk Mitigation

Employment risk comes in 2 forms: positions where the duties are risky and positions that are known to have high turnover. For the danger risk positions, we are here to help in the form of workers compensation. Along with all workers hired through us being on our payroll, they are also on our workers' comp plan. Additionally, positions that have high turnover rates are risky to hire permanent employees for. Instead of hiring permanent employees on your payroll, just for them to quit shortly after, you can hire temporary employees on your staffing agencies payroll. That way, the position will always be filled, and you don’t have to be responsible for onboarding and adding new employees to your payroll as frequently.

On-Site Job Fair

A great way to quickly hire many people is through on-site job fairs. Although job fairs can be done anywhere, hosting them on the job site can cut out some steps for the candidate. The candidate can come to the job site and interview with a recruiter, be onboarded and immediately after they can interview with the hiring manager the same day. This allows for the position to be filled faster and for the candidate to go through fewer steps to get hired.

Although you may have hired your staffing partner for a specific position, they are there to help and support you through any staffing or clerical needs your company has. It is important to recognize that this is truly a partnership, and they are here to help support you and your company's needs. Contact us through our website or call one of our four local branches to help you get started!