At Performance Staffing Solutions, one of the things we’re most passionate about is helping qualified candidates obtain and keep good, satisfying jobs. One thing job seekers can do to enhance their own career prospects is to consider their own level of employability. Simply put, it’s important to be candid with yourself about the value you offer to employers. Only then can you take practical steps to make yourself an even more appealing candidate.

To guide you in thinking about your employability, we’ve put together a quick self-inventory. Take just a few minutes to reflect on each question here. Give yourself an honest rating in each category, on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being the worst and 10 being the best.

Checklist: Are You Employable?

1) You have all the right skills and abilities.

10: You have the skills required to do the target job, and to do it well.

0: You have major skill gaps and lack many of the abilities needed for the target job.

2) You possess rare skills.

10: You have special skills, credentials, or expertise that your competitors would lack; you have skills that are fairly hard to come by within your field.

0: You don’t have any specialized skills or areas of expertise that might make you more competitive in your field.

3) Your drive.

10: You’re someone who takes a lot of initiative, never gives up, and never procrastinates. 

0: You’re not a self-starter. You typically delay big projects and need a considerable push just to get going.

4) Your emotional intelligence.

10: People generally seem to enjoy working with you, and you find that you get along well with the people on your team.

0: You find it hard to fit in with co-workers, or you feel that you’re not really well-liked.

5) Your ability to learn.

10: You are naturally curious; you love to learn and find that you’re able to absorb new information quickly.

0: You generally have a hard time adapting to new skills, concepts, or ideas. 

6) Your code of ethics.

10: You’re always prepared to do the right thing and would never compromise your moral integrity in favor of convenience or expedience.

0: You’re willing to take ethical shortcuts to get what you want. In sticky situations, you can’t necessarily be counted on to do the right thing.

7) Your level of education.

10: You have the degrees and certifications that are needed for your target job. Your educational level makes you competitive with others who are seeking the same positions.

0: You have significant education gaps that put you at a disadvantage; you don’t have any of the certifications or educational experience that would be expected of someone in your target position.

8) Your marketability.

10: You know how to advocate for yourself. You have a polished and professional resume, and you have strong interviewing skills.

0: You lack a polished resume, or perhaps don’t have a resume at all. You aren’t strong in interviews. You don’t know how to effectively market yourself to an employer.

9) Your career history.

10. If someone looked at your resume, they would see a progressive career narrative. That is, they would observe that you’ve steadily advanced through your field and assumed higher levels of responsibility over the years.

0: Your career doesn’t display much of an arc; you’ve not really assumed additional responsibilities, but instead have stayed at the same base level.

10) Your references.

10: You have previous employers and/or colleagues who are willing to vouch for you.

0: Your reference list is completely out of date, or you don’t have one at all.

These are just a few of the categories to consider as you think about your employability. Once you’ve answered these questions, go back and take a look at any places where you gave yourself a 7 or below; these are areas where you may want to brainstorm some ways of making yourself more competitive as a job seeker. Of course, you’re always welcome to contact us about the next steps.

When you’re ready to move your career a few steps forward, fill out an application here at Performance Staffing Solutions.