Many companies have some sort of clause that defines that they do not discriminate against race, sexual orientation, gender, or age, but is a clause effective? Just having a clause in an employee manual won’t do much, but engaging with your employees will! Here are the top ways you can improve diversity in your workplace.

One way to strengthen the integrity of any company is to strengthen anti-discriminatory policies. In a survey conducted by Harvard Business Review, when I asked about anti-discriminatory policies 75% of respondents found that superficial policies and language were insufficient to institute real change. Though every organization is different, diversity and inclusion should be at the forefront of any business’s values. In strengthening policies regarding discrimination, you will in turn further improve the integrity of your company.

A recommendation for improving employee engagement is to acknowledge and honor multiple religions and the cultural practices of all of your staff. Introducing a policy for honoring and hosting a variety of cultural events or allowing employees to have time off to observe a variety of cultural or religious holidays will improve everyone’s sensitivity and knowledge of diversity.  

One way you can ensure that your company is being held accountable in terms of diversity is to receive staff feedback via conducting focus groups. In conducting focus groups with the staff regarding diversity, the company’s management team will receive deeper insights and reasoning behind employees' viewpoints and feelings. This will not only hold your company accountable for its actions but will ensure that excellence is upheld.

Finally, it is recommended that in an effort to preserve the quality of service and value of any company, your company should hold a workforce retreat. Whether it is conducted in person or virtually, diversity and inclusion will be highlighted and staff will gain better perspectives on their co-workers. At this retreat, various training for managers and workshops for employees regarding sensitivity to diversity will ultimately provide structure across the company and will build workforce adhesion.

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