Looking for a little extra cash this holiday season? Why not try a seasonal position! During the holiday’s many companies need help keeping up with demands, meaning many part-time positions arise in your area. But is a seasonal position worth it? Below are the top three reasons why you should take a seasonal position this year.

  1. Trying something new
    Are you looking to switch up your career path or maybe just change jobs? A seasonal position is a great opportunity to try something new. Working for a new company gives you the opportunity to show them just how wonderful you are, and who knows maybe this seasonal position can lead to another part-time position or even full-time employment. Or perhaps there is a seasonal position with a company you’ve always wanted to work for. Even if the seasonal assignment is not your dream job, it could be a chance to get your foot in the door.
  2. Resume builders
    It is always a good idea to add to your resume. Additional experience on your resume can build credibility and will help you secure a future position. Seasonal positions give you the opportunity to apply your skills and talents while allowing yourself to build a work ethic and confidence, all while adding a little extra cash to your wallet. There is always a way to put a positive spin on your seasonal or part-time employment. Having a seasonal position within an area you are particularly interested in can be a bonus and might even help you secure a higher-level position in the future. For example, if you are looking for a management position, and there is a job opportunity open within the field, having extra front-end experience will put you ahead of other candidates.
  3. Fill the gap and earn extra cash
    Are you in between jobs or looking to switch up your career path, but don’t want to be unemployed during the holidays? Seasonal employment can be the perfect fit for you! A gap in your resume can raise red flags to potential employers, but a seasonal potion can fill that gap. Filling the gap in your resume is always better than being unemployed, even if the seasonal position isn’t exactly what you want to do. This will show a future employer you are a hard worker, someone who doesn’t sit around, all while increasing your income!

Whether you are looking to switch up your employment, need to fill a gap on your resume, want to build your resume, or even just want to earn a little extra cash, seasonal employment is an opportunity that should not be overlooked. Take the step to try something new and expand your skills. YOU should take that seasonal position.

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