Critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and teamwork; all skills that many students have been working on since kindergarten.  But what makes college graduates stand out to employers? No matter what you studied in school you likely already have these transferable skills! The trick is highlighting these skills on your resume and demonstrating them in your interview.

Written Communication 

Studies show that the most lacking skill college graduates possess is within the realm of written communication. The ability to communicate thoughts and ideas in a compelling, coherent manner is essential to every workforce. This is a skill that has become increasingly important with the rise of out of the office work being conducted. Great communicators can effectively demonstrate their thoughts and ideas via platforms such as email, text, instant messages, time tracking applications, and more. This is a skill you will definitely want to mention on your resume. For more information on preparing your resume for 2021, check this article out. 

Critical Thinking Skills

One skill that goes hand in hand with general self-management is the ability to think critically. This means being able to take a step back and look at the bigger picture than speak and act accordingly. Regardless of the career, you intend to pursue, critical thinking skills are at the forefront of every employer’s requirements. College graduates need to be able to sort valuable information from the trivial, analyze its relevance, and relate it to other information. Great critical thinking skills allow employees to make effective decisions and view the bigger picture above the everyday workflow. You’ll want to bring this task up when talking about your skills in your interview! Being able to think quickly to provide a response that is appreciated by the interviewer can be tricky. For more tips, check out this article.


As a student, you have likely participated in more group projects than you would have liked. For better or for worse, the ability to work with a diverse group is key to becoming an employable candidate. Most job postings list “teamwork skills” in their descriptions, and hiring managers will look on your resume for these types of skills. Use this as an opportunity to expand upon any internship or classroom collaboration. You can write about your ability to cooperate with others and adjust one’s actions in coordination with those of everyone else. This crucial skill enables employees to work efficiently and resourcefully with one another. Wondering what your resume should look like? Check out this article for more tips and tricks.  

Effective Oral Communication

This skill is essential not only for interviewing but for any type of job you will have in the future. Employers want to see you verbalize your ideas comfortably, confidently, and be open to new ideas. Whether you are about to pitch bigger business to clients or share ideas in meetings having the ability to speak clearly, persuasively, and forcefully in front of an audience is a key component to being an employable graduate. You are your own best advocate so don’t be afraid to speak up and tell that hiring manager just how qualified and great you are. For more help preparing for your interviews, read this article. 

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