The short answer is: "probably."

If you've thought about it and seriously considered it, you probably already see a light at the end of the tunnel and should start thinking about an exit plan. Whether it's because of pay, the work environment, personal growth, or something else, there isn't a bad reason to leave a job.

It's important to understand that quitting doesn't mean that you have failed or that you have given up. You can continue to work hard and give value to your employer up until it is time for you to move on.

You shouldn't quit without a plan. If you are in a position or situation where you can be unemployed for weeks or months while you look for your next job, then you shouldn't leave your current job without having another one lined up.

When you are looking for your next job, consider what it is you are really looking for? And is it something you could achieve without leaving your current role, like negotiating pay raises, finding out if there is room for promotion, or a move laterally, or if there are any projects that you can look forward to? If none of these things are possible, and it's time to look for a new role, decide what about your current job you didn't like and what you need in a new role to be happy, safe, and successful. 

There are options other than scouring job boards to find what you're looking for. Every day, quality companies look to trust staffing and recruiting agencies to send them high-quality talent to fill their most important roles. Choosing to work with a staffing agency means you'll have a direct line to hiring managers in your field. You'll communicate with a recruiter that will schedule your interviews, who will be your advocate, and sell your experience and skills to potential employers.

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