Most employers don’t prepare you on what to expect during your interview process. From how long the process will take to what kinds of questions will be asked, the candidate is oftentimes left guessing. This typically contributes more nerves to the situation. At Performance Staffing Solutions, we strive for you to have the best experience possible, from the moment you apply to your first day on the job. Our interview process is focused on getting to know you and what you need to be successful. All interviews are in person at one of our four locations conveniently located around Charlotte, NC and in Rock Hill, SC. Let us dive a little deeper into our process.


We encourage walk-ins but also schedule interviews with potential candidates. If you choose to walk in without taking any prior steps, we will help take the first step of applying on one of our computers. If you have already applied, you can still walk in without an appointment to interview, or a recruiter will contact you within 24 hours of applying to schedule a day and time best for you. Once the original application has been completed, it’s time to interview with a recruiter.


Once you have applied, you will be interviewed by one of our recruiters. You’ll need to bring a digital or printed version of your resume which they can help you update or edit if needed. Our recruiters are not only here to place you but to help you throughout the process, they might provide recommendations on how your resume can be even stronger. In addition to reviewing your resume, they will get to know your work history and career goals. Some common screening questions include “what is more important: shift, pay, or location?” or, “are you ok with working in a non-climate controlled environment?”. These questions are intended to help find you the best position to fit your needs. If we don’t currently have a position that fits what you are looking for, our recruiters and account executives will seek out new potential positions for you.


After the interview is completed, we will perform an on-site drug screen and background check. This allows us to streamline your process and help place you faster since results are almost immediate. You will also complete our online onboarding process for you to officially become an employee. Once these steps are completed, you will officially be a Performance Staffing Solutions employee, welcome!

What To Expect Next

Our recruiters will immediately begin reviewing our current open positions to find one that fits what you are looking for. In some instances, the employer might want to interview you separately, which we would arrange and help you prepare for. If there is no additional interview required, we will contact you with the potential job to see if you are interested. If you accept, we will provide you with the details of your position and send you on your way!

Our recruiters' support doesn’t stop after you’ve been hired. If you are unhappy with the job you have been placed at, we encourage you to contact your recruiter and they can help you decide on the next best step. Already been through the interview process with us and aren’t employed but are searching? You can always contact us again for us to help you find a new job. We are always here to support you whether you are a new employee or someone who has worked with us previously and is interested in coming back.