Do you know how to advocate for yourself? Do you have a polished and professional resume, and have strong interviewing skills? Or do you lack these things and don’t know how to effectively market yourself to an employer. Not to worry. Performance Staffing Solutions has put together a set of questions you can ask yourself that will lead you through the self-marketing process.

What are your strengths?

It is important to highlight your skills and work ethic on your resume and in your cover letter so that a potential employer can focus on the positives of your previous experiences. Everyone has a set of strengths and weaknesses, but let's focus on the strengths when marketing yourself. One thing that you can do when thinking about your strengths has generated a list of the skill you are good at. Writing these down on paper will help you to verbalize them in a future interview, and help you define what should go on your resume. 

Do you have examples of your best skills?

After you’ve written down a list of your skills, it is time to recall a time in which you have had to utilize them. You can tell a story of what you’ve accomplished using these skills. This will not only further demonstrate your strengths, but help to make a lasting impression on a future recruiter or employer.

How are you presenting yourself?

Presenting yourself in a polished appropriate manner is key to making a good impression. In reality, what you wear, how you act, and what you say all come into play in marketing yourself effectively. Make sure you present yourself well in front of potential employers, recruiters, and co-workers. Having trouble figuring out what to wear? Check out this blog to know what to wear to your next interview!

Do you have a polished and professional resume?

Resume practices ebb and flow, and something trendy this year may fall out of fashion by next. With that said, there are also a few principles that remain pretty static and provide some good guidelines for job seekers to adhere to. Whether you don’t currently have a resume or it’s been a little while since you gave your resume an update, now’s a good time to review the basics and make sure you know what kind of document hiring managers are looking for. If you have any specific resume needs, that’s something we can help you with once you apply with Performance Staffing Solutions. Need help developing a professional and polished resume? Check out our article on “what your resume should look like”. 

Do you know where you want to work?

Narrowing down your job search can help you to define how to better market yourself. Whether you’re looking for a position in entertainment, construction, or sales, having a general idea of what position you would like to have will determine what skills and strengths you want to highlight verbally and on your resume. This will also define how professional you need to present yourself. Overall, taking some time to think about what position you see yourself in allows you to modify your approach or marketing materials for the employer or recruiter. Not sure what kind of a position you want to work in? No problem, staffing agencies like Performance Staffing Solutions can help target your job search based on past experiences and skills. 

Knowing how to effectively market yourself for a job is a necessity. Incorporating these self-marketing tips in your next job search will help you to put your best foot forward.  When you’re ready to move your career a few steps forward, fill out an application here at Performance Staffing Solutions.