Staying healthy and protecting one’s business is at the top of most people’s priority list. Whether your business is in construction, manufacturing, or shipping, promoting a COVID-19 safe environment is essential to protecting your business. As the situation continues to ebb and flow, making sure your business domain is COVID-19 safe can be tricky. Here are just a few ways to make that process not so hard. 

  • Adhere to state and local guidelines 

Following local health and safety measures is vital to encouraging a COVID-19 safe workplace. States and counties have their own jurisdiction in addition to federal mandates and your business needs to follow them. Check your state’s guidelines weekly to make sure you and your employees are up to date on the latest protocol. If your business is in North Carolina, you can check out the Department of Health and Human Service’s Covid Guidance here

  • Make sure you know what OSHA has to say 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has put together some great resources as the Coronavirus is an evolving situation. Check out OSHA’s recommended worker health and safety practices, regulations on recording and reporting your practices, and daily enforcement data to help inform your decisions. Remember that as the medical investigators learn more about the virus and its transmission, OSHA’s regulations may also change.

  • Update your existing employee safety protocol 

 In addition to posting your company or site-specific safety protocol, your business can encourage a COVID-19 safe environment by posting about the top safety measures. Whether our company posts COVID-19 guidelines on social media or in the office, updating your existing safety protocol is a good reminder for your employees to stay safe. These protocols have changed since the birth of the pandemic, so updating your graphics and signage monthly is recommended. For help generating ideas about what kind of graphics to post, the CDC has put together a social media kit that you can access here. You can use their tools as inspiration, or download them for free! 

  • Work with your Staffing Provider 

OSHA says that there is a joint responsibility between the business owners and their staffing partners to maintain a safe and healthy environment, especially during the pandemic. Use your staffing provider as a resource for materials related to COVID and other safety measures, as well as a source of guidance during this difficult time. To get in contact with Performance Staffing Solutions, fill out our contact sheet here.