LinkedIn allows hiring managers to look at you, and you to look at them. It is a great way to market yourself for free and is very user friendly. Knowing specifically what to include on your Linkedin page can be tricky.  To be your best self on Linkedin, your profile should include information that is synchronous to that of your resume, a professional headshot, and any links to work samples. Make sure you are as professional online as you are in person. 


The information on your profile should be the same information that is on your resume, so if an employer were to look at your resume in person it would be congruent. Information like previous employment, contact information, and an attention-grabbing personal statement are key.


Having a clear, professional, friendly image of yourself puts a face to a name. A photo can go a long way in conveying your personality to potential employers. Not sure what a professional and appropriate profile photo looks like? Take a look at other profiles of those working in the industry you are applying for. Additionally, having a banner that clearly states your name instead of the stock Linkedin banner will help you to stand out amongst a sea of profiles. 


Do you have examples of your work? Maybe writing samples on a blog or a portfolio of your artwork? Under the accomplishments section, you can link publications, awards and honors, special projects, and course work. These work samples will allow an employer to get a closer look at all that you have to offer.

By following these three guiding tips, your Linkedin profile will become outstanding. Ultimately, putting in the time to make your profile look professional and updating your profile periodically will ensure you are presenting your best self on Linkedin. Our recruiters can assist you in making sure your Linkedin is up to date or even help you get started on making your first profile. For more information on what Performance Staffing Solutions have to offer, or to be connected with one of our recruiters, fill out the application on our main page or visit one of our three locations today.